Social Media Crises Has Many Points of Failure

by Alan Webber, Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Analysts.  Yesterday’s Burger King brandjacking was an important reminder to brands and their agency and software partners about how vulnerable social media accounts are.  These forms of attacks are increasing in frequency, such as Jeep’s recent twitter hack. Surprisingly, Altimeter Group’s research has found from analyzing 50 crises that 76% of crises could have been minimized or avoided had companies been prepared internally --external hacks are … [Read more...]

The Imperative For Social Risk Management

Note: This post originally appeared in Alan's blog Ronin Research. Everyone likes to point out how wonderful social media is - how they connected with lost friends from high school, they met new friends with similar interested, and all the cool things they learned. Marketers love it too because it gives them a great new channel to to connect and engage with customers in But social media has a downside too - just ask Mat Honan, or Bank of America, or Nestle, or Kenneth Cole about social … [Read more...]

Altimeter’s Research Themes And Upcoming Research Calendar


As an analyst and research firm focused on disruptive technologies, our clients and others frequently ask us what we are paying attention to and what we are researching. There are a multitude of areas we would like to be paying attention to and probably just as many that we would like to research, but we can’t. So instead, we are focusing on just a few key disruptive themes that have the potential to significantly impact organizations and consumers from tomorrow through three years from now - … [Read more...]

Twitter and censorship

By Alan Webber, Principal Analyst Almost 49 years ago, President John F. Kennedy stood at a podium in the divided city of Berlin where he proudly proclaimed that the wall that divided the city was an affront to basic human freedoms, that it was a symbol of the failure of communism and its ability to effective govern nations. Twenty-four years later, President Ronald Reagan stood in front of the Brandenburg Gate to encourage Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down the wall" that divided … [Read more...]

Finding Value In SOPA

Jefferson Monument. Photo by MikeSheridan99

There is a lot of discussions, arguing, lobbying, and political wrangling going on around the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and its sister legislation Protect IP Act (PIPA) right now. It has been portrayed as the battle between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, old media verses new media, Washington verses California, and on and on and on. But what is SOPA really and what is the potential value in the discussion around SOPA? What is SOPA? SOPA is essentially and anti-digital piracy bill that … [Read more...]