Linda Ziffrin

Linda ZiffrinLinda Ziffrin, Principal at Valley View Ventures, brings over 25 years of successfully selling leading edge technology, from one of the very first videotext service for news (NewsNet; see also Videotext/Online Services), to the very early days of client/server with PeopleSoft (1993–2000), to one of the first SaaS net native applications, Employease (2000–2007). With a background in selling and managing sales teams, Linda understands the human side of technology.Linda graduated from Cornell University with a BS in Industrial and Labor Relations. Linda works with her partner and husband, Fred Abbott, who founded V3 in 2002. They have two children. Linda enjoys cooking (but not cleaning up), reading about history, music in every shape and form (which is a good thing since one of her children plays in three different bands), and walking in Walden Woods.

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