Julie Viola

Julie ViolaJulie Viola is our human resources manager as well as executive assistant to analysts Brian Solis, Susan Etlinger, Rebecca Lieb, and Andrew Jones. Julie has been with us since 2010 and is one of Altimeter’s first employees.

As a transplant from New Jersey, Julie lives in San Jose where she enjoys hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her family and their dog, Lucy. After four corporate moves with her husband’s job in the motorcycle industry, she is settled into an active  life in Silicon Valley. Julie enjoys the outdoors, spending most of her free time on the golf course with her  family and golfing buddies and hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her dog, Lucy. After her family and golf, her other passion is cooking. She and her husband, Jim, are currently perfecting their homemade pasta and pizza. While Julie and her family love the offerings of the West Coast, they have yet to find a decent slice of pizza outside of their kitchen.

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