Integrity Policy

Altimeter is committed to conducting our business to the highest standards of business practices and to preserving the integrity of our brand. We expect every associate to work with integrity and professionalism. Our principles of Ethical Conduct represent our attempt to define expectations. While we cannot anticipate or define standards of behavior for every situation that might arise, we try to use our best judgment and moral sense to perform our job responsibilities in an ethical manner within both the letter and spirit of this Policy and other policies on integrity and disclosure. It is our goal that we always:

  • Comply With Applicable Laws. Altimeter takes the collective obligation to adhere to all laws that govern our personal and professional actions seriously. It is our intent for all employees to adhere to the applicable laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where you work or do business. While not an exhaustive list, this includes complying with laws and regulations concerning Financial Reporting, Insider Trading, Antitrust, Copyright, Foreign Corrupt Practices, and Data Protection.
  • Help Provide a Safe Work Place. We feel that all deserve to work in an environment free of violence, threats of violence, or intimidation. It is Altimeter’s policy to strictly prohibit any verbal abuse, threatening behavior, or conduct that may endanger persons or property. This includes possession of any firearm or other weapon on Company property.
  • Confidential Information. The Company considers all of its business information to be confidential and important business assets.