Citation Policy

Altimeter Group values integrity and objectivity, and, at times, people and companies seek to cite the work we create, especially in a commercial context. To safeguard our commitment to integrity and objectivity, we’ve set up the following guidelines to govern how third parties can use citations and quotes from Altimeter Group content for commercial purposes. Note that usage falling under general “fair use” that is non-commercial does not require permission.

  1. All citations and quotes must abide with Altimeter’s values of objectivity and integrity.
  2. Written permission is required for all citations and quotes used for commercial purposes. Please allow ample time for the approval process.
  3. All citations must come from published or spoken sources. Each citation of published content must clearly define the source (e.g., published report, blog, speech given at a particular event) and include the date. Each citation must include the author of the citation and also include a link to the source if available online.
  4. The actual citation of a published source must be verbatim — it cannot be re-written or taken out of context.
  5. All citations sourcing published content must cite content that has been published within the past year.
  6. This citation policy applies only to content copyrighted to Altimeter Group. For the most part, blogs written by Altimeter Group partners and employees are their own work, and permission to cite from those sources needs to be obtained from each person.
  7. Partners and employees of Altimeter Group are permitted to provide direct verbal quotes, but may not mention specific companies, products, or services in such instances in order to avoid appearing to endorse a specific solution. Each person affiliated with Altimeter provides quotes solely at their discretion, but they must be reviewed and approved before usage.
  8. A final version of the citation/quote must be sent to Altimeter for archival purposes.

Please submit citation and quote requests on our Contact page. Include a draft copy of the citation or quote in context of how it will be used (e.g., a press release, email campaign, etc.).