From celebrating individual and company excellence to empowering each other to succeed, Altimeter Group’s culture is rooted in our company values. While a company’s culture is not always easy to articulate, it’s a key reason why we’re proud to be part of the Altimeter crew, and why we want to share it with you.

We believe in empowered employees.

At approximately 20 employees, every Altimeter employee has a voice and stake in the company. From executive assistants to analysts, we empower each person to take initiative and make their contributions felt inside our small, and growing, company. No one needs “permission”; otherwise, at approximately 20 employees, we wouldn’t ever get anything done.

We communicate with respect and integrity.

While we’re fond of email, chat, and our internal social network, nothing beats a Skype or phone call when issues arise that require more direct communication. This is especially important for our bi-coastal crew, working out of the “Hangar” in San Mateo, New York, Boston, and Washington, D.C. And, we regularly revisit our values as a group, to remind ourselves to communicate with integrity and respect for one another.

We value openness.

Monthly all-hands meetings — at the “Hangar” and via web conference call — give the entire Altimeter crew ongoing visibility into the company’s health and direction. And, once a year — in spite of geography, travel requirements, and busy schedules — the entire company meets in person for our annual offsite. These are opportunities to revisit our strategic roadmap, collaborate on research themes, and grow relationships between colleagues.

We invest in our employees.

We believe in setting goals together, continuous development, and failing forward. Mentors provide individualized attention to help employees achieve their goals — while at Altimeter, and beyond. Every employee is considered to be his or her own CEO and encouraged to “pay yourself first” — that is, invest in one’s own skills, contacts, and career growth.

We aspire to be different.

Our west coasters work both remotely and in the “Hangar,” an open office environment based in San Mateo, California. At the Hangar, you’ll find an “Innovation Library,” outfitted with hundreds of books to fuel creativity, a make-shift Ping-Pong table just waiting for its next match, and artwork created by the Altimeter crew. It’s a modest and relaxed office environment, and we’ve strived to make it unique to Altimeter, representing a spirit of creativity and camaraderie.

Hear from our team.

The truest embodiment of our culture can be found in the words of our crew.

Charlene LiCharlene Li, Founder and Partner

“We have a personal connection with each other, even though we may not see or interact with each other every day. That bond of commonality helps us get through tough times and to celebrate our wins — no matter how big or small.”



Rebecca LiebRebecca Lieb, Industry Analyst

“The best part about working at Altimeter is the smart people who are fully supportive, but at the same time always constructively challenging my thinking.”



Andrew JonesAndrew Jones, Industry Analyst

“We’re not only enabled to act independently, but trusted to do so. The level of connectedness and integrity means we hold ourselves accountable in order to support one another.”



Jessica GroopmanJessica Groopman, Senior Researcher

“Everyone is empowered to voice his or her opinion. Being proactive can actually make a difference, unlike some other firms where the hierarchy is so closed to feedback and evolution.”



Jon CifuentesJon Cifuentes, Senior Researcher

“The genuine peer support and embodiment of our values. Altimeter is full of competitive, performance driven people who care about their careers — but egos are firmly checked at the door, and everyone works toward lifting each other up. Leadership is particularly great at elevating junior employees.”


Christine TranChristine Tran, Research Manager

“Humility is one of our values, and it’s obvious to me that we’ve hired toward this value. Everybody’s smart, driven, and busy — but people are able to see others’ points of view, communicate honestly, and admit shortcomings or mistakes.”