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Upcoming Research

What are the disruptive trends we’re looking at today?

What are we researching today? Our planned research agenda currently spans five core coverage areas: Digital Transformation, Social Business, Data Disruption, Content Strategy, and Leadership.

If you would like to make a contribution to our upcoming research or have a suggestion for new research topics, please submit your ideas on our Contact page or email Christine Tran, Research and Marketing Manager at

Last updated: January 2014

Q1 2015

Using Social to Deepen Relationships and Increase Sales 

Author: Charlene Li

Evolving existing sales approaches and changing behavior is really the key to successful adoption and implementation of social selling within an organization. This report will look at: What are the essential elements of a social selling program? From staffing and training to technology platforms and measurement? How do you get started and how should you evolve the program over time? Is there a maturity roadmap to follow? How do organizations change because of social selling, if at all? How will social selling itself change in the future, eg. technology platforms, less outsourcing of sales, shift from transactions to relationships?

Customer Experience and the Internet of Things 
Jessica Groopman with Rebecca Lieb

The opportunity in customer-facing IoT lies in the interface and exchange of data (on the enterprise side,) with experience (on the consumer side.) Yet, determining when, how, and to what extent to apply connected services, products, and processes to the customer experience remains poorly understood by modern marketers and digital strategists., This report will focus on identifying how IoT can be used to optimize consumer-facing programs (e.g. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, etc.) to enhance customer experience, drive interactions, and glean powerful business intelligence in the process. 

Measuring Content Marketing
Author: Susan Etlinger and Rebecca Lieb, with Jessica Groopman

How should content be measured and analyzed? Let us count the ways (or at least begin to). In this report, we'll assess what metrics can be applied to content beyond sales and leads, and support functions across the entire organization (e.g. product development, customer service, social selling, employee engagement, recruiting and hiring, etc.). This research will showcase examples of organizations which have used content metrics to support primary business objectives such as operational efficiency, brand health, revenue generation and beyond.