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Upcoming Research

What are the disruptive trends we’re looking at today?

What are we researching today? Our planned research agenda currently spans six core coverage areas: Digital Transformation, Social Business, Content Strategy, Customer Experience, Data Disruption, and Leadership and Culture.

If you would like to make a contribution to our upcoming research or have a suggestion for new research topics, please submit your ideas on our Contact page or email Omar Akhtar, managing editor of Altimeter Group at 

Please note that the dates and titles for our upcoming reports are subject to change.

Q4 2015:

Employee Advocacy in Social Media: The Power of an Engaged Social Workforce by Ed Terpening

Creating Data-Driven Business Models by Susan Etlinger
Q1 2016:
Assessment for Creating A Unified Customer Experience Across All Digital Channels by Omar Akhtar
The Six Stages of Digital Transformation Maturity by Brian Solis
Defining Content Strategy vs. Content Marketing by Omar Akhtar, with Charlene Li
Creating A Culture of Customer Obsession by Charlene Li
The Future of Analytics by Susan Etlinger
An Introduction to Social Commerce by Ed Terpening
Q2 2016:
The State of Digital Transformation 2016 by Brian Solis
Developing an Integrated Strategy for Paid, Earned and Owned Content by Omar Akhtar
The 2016 State of Social Business by Ed Terpening
The Digital Transformation of Selling by Charlene Li
Corporate Social Responsibility in The Digital Age by Susan Etlinger