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Our Approach

How our research sets us apart.

Altimeter is the only leading analyst firm to publish free independent research. We championed the open research model to help people understand the road ahead and make the tough decisions that help transform their business. We are open and transparent about our process and disclose who we speak to, how we collect data and what other sources we use to inform our research.

Everything we produce — from formal reports to presentations and webinars — is released with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to use our work freely with the appropriate citations. We believe that creating the largest possible audience for our research invites discussion and contributions, thus making our work on emerging disruptions all that more relevant.

We engage in commissioned research and provide citations only if we can ensure that our objectivity is not only practiced but also perceived. Under no circumstances will we accept payment to write a favorable review of a product.


Meet the Team

Take a closer look at our research team — comprised of analysts, consultants, and researchers — and their research interests.

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