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Values & Culture

Who we are and what we stand for.

Company culture is not always easy to articulate, but ours is a differentiator for us. From celebrating individual and company excellence to empowering each other to succeed, Altimeter’s culture is rooted in our company values.

Altimeter Values

The truest embodiment of our culture can be found in the words of our crew.

Charlene Li, Founder & CEO

“Dealing with disruption is hard work. We want to give organizational leaders the confidence to make the tough calls required by disruption. Doing so requires that our clients trust Altimeter intrinsically. So we strive to be a ‘client-first’ organization which influences everything from how we frame our research to how we build relationships with our clients and the community at large.”

Rebecca Lieb, Analyst

“The best part about working at Altimeter is the smart people who are fully supportive, but at the same time always constructively challenging my thinking.”

Jessica Groopman, Senior Researcher

“Everyone is empowered to voice his or her opinion. Being proactive can actually make a difference, unlike other firms where the hierarchy is so closed to feedback and evolution.”


Meet Our Team

Get to know the analyst, consulting, research, and operations teams that make up our crew.

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