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We’ve defined policies and guidelines to set expectations for how we interact with our employees, clients, and the industry at large. Our goal? Develop trust-based relationships rooted in honesty, transparency, and openness.

Commissioned Research Policy

We engage in commissioned research in limited circumstances with the goal of preserving our objectivity and integrity while meeting the needs of the client. We look for “win-win” situations where we can bring our research to life for new audiences.

We use the following guidelines to determine if and when we will do sponsored research:

  • Motivation of the company: A company seeking to have research written on a particular topic may be trying to advance the industry’s knowledge. Or they may be trying to leverage Altimeter’s name and reputation, that by association, will make them look or sound better to their customers and partners. It is crucial that the research will not place the sponsoring company in a better light vis-a-vis its industry.
  • Branding: Altimeter prefers that the research be branded to the company and not to Altimeter so that it is not confused with Altimeter’s own branded research. The less the commissioned research reflects the Altimeter’s brand, the less the conflict.
  • Editorial Control: If Altimeter’s brand is going to be associated with the research, Altimeter will need to exercise significant, if not all, editorial control over the content.
  • Public versus Private: If the commissioned research will be used primarily for internal purposes, it poses significantly less conflict. If it will be used publicly, presumably for promotional and sales purposes, how widely it is distributed will be taken into consideration.
  • Opportunity Cost: Given other opportunities for research and client engagements, Altimeter must weigh if engaging in commissioned research fits with our existing research and client commitments.

If you are interested in having Altimeter conduct commissioned research, please submit a Sales Inquiry on our Contact page.