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Our Team

Get to know the Altimeter crew.

  • Charlene Li Original Square

    Charlene Li, CEO & Principal Analyst

    Charlene Li is the founder and current Managing Partner of Altimeter Group, and author of The New York Times bestsellers Open Leadership and Groundswell.

  • Brian Solis Original Square

    Brian Solis, Principal Analyst

    Brian Solis is a digital analyst, business strategist, and futurist who creates new media strategies and frameworks that build bridges between companies and customers, and with employees and key stakeholders.

  • Susan Etlinger Original Square

    Susan Etlinger, Analyst

    Susan Etlinger is an Industry Analyst with Altimeter Group focusing on social media analytics, listening and measurement strategies that support business objectives.

  • Rebecca Lieb Original Square

    Rebecca Lieb, Analyst

    Rebecca Lieb is an analyst at Altimeter Group where she covers digital advertising and media, an area that encompasses brands, publishers, agencies, and technology vendors.

  • Ed Terpening Original Square

    Ed Terpening, Analyst

    Ed Terpening leads a dual life, as a Senior Consultant at Altimeter Group, and as an accomplished artist.

  • Jessica Groopman Original

    Jessica Groopman, Analyst

    Jessica specializes in digital strategy, Internet of Things, social data integration, content marketing, and customer experience, with a focus on how data is shifting business models and behaviors.

  • Shannon Latta Original Square

    Shannon Latta, Chief Operating Officer

    Shannon Latta is Altimeter Group’s COO responsible for leading and managing all operational aspects of the company.

  • Omar Akhtar 125px

    Omar Akhtar, Managing Editor

    Omar Akhtar is the managing editor of Altimeter Group, where he oversees the editorial process behind the company’s research reports, daily blog and multimedia content.

  • Christine Tran Original

    Christine Tran, Research and Marketing Manager

    Christine Tran is responsible for research and marketing operations, including management of our researcher team and execution of research and marketing strategy.

  • Prathima Murphy Original

    Prathima Murthy, Controller

    Prathima Murthy is the Controller at Altimeter Group where she handles all aspects of finance and oversees Human Resources.

  • Leslie Candy 125px

    Leslie Candy, Sales

    Leslie Candy, Business Development Manager, is a member of Altimeter Group’s Sales team. Leslie supports the pipeline development and sales opportunities for thought leaders.

  • Linda Ziffrin 125px

    Linda Ziffrin, Sales

    Linda Ziffrin, Principal at Valley View Ventures, manages sales for key accounts on behalf of Altimeter Group.