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The 2014 State of Digital Transformation [Infographic]

Jaimy Szymanski

Altimeter’s recent research for its report, The 2014 State of Digital Transformation, uncovered that investing in new digital technologies (social, mobile, big data, cloud, etc.) doesn’t always equate to uniting those efforts around a common vision supported by an updated, integrated infrastructure. This leaves companies unprepared to effectively compete as a unified business in connected markets. We learned that digital transformation means more than increasing digital investments: it means thinking and acting “digital first.”

The data from our report can be found in the infographic below. Read it to learn more about how companies are undergoing digital transformation, including their efforts around journey mapping, executive leadership involvement, the most important initiatives, top challenges faced, and benefits of digital transformation. 

For more information, download the full report: The 2014 State of Digital Transformation.




  1. […] rebrand also felt right based on market conditions. Consider that 88% of companies are undergoing digital transformations. Digital will take up over 75% of marketing budgets. 69% of marketers are creating more content […]

  2. […] 88% of companies report undergoing a digital transformation; but only 25% have mapped the digital customer journey and have a clear understanding of new or underperforming digital touchpoints. Source […]

  3. Dave Tomlin says:

    It says “capaign mentality” – seems like a typo.

  4. Lydia Sugarman says:

    We believe that some of the big impediments to making an effective digital transformation lie in the fragmented technology that companies of all sizes have either implemented, or are contemplating, or have found prohibitively expensive.

    Seriously! Adding multiple applications that require expensive integration, maintenance, and training to multiple internal interest groups equals too many moving parts to expect success.

    We’re working to solve that problem.

  5. […] Altimeter deed herhaald onderzoek naar digitale transformatie. Twee lijstjes zijn opvallend: het gereedmaken van de organisatie voor digitaal zaken doen staat bovenaan. Daarbij moet je denken aan het vernieuwen van websites, het ontwikkelen van e-commerce programma’s en het integreren van verschillende kanalen. De belangrijkste uitdagingen liggen in bedrijfscultuur (63 procent), denken aan re-design in plaats van een campagne (59 procent) en cross-functionele samenwerking (56 procent). […]