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With $50M Investment from Andreessen, BuzzFeed Eyes Expansion, with Rebecca Lieb in Fox Business

Altimeter Group

Rebecca Lieb as quoted in Fox Business:

BuzzFeed is planning a major expansion fueled by a new $50 million investment from leading venture-capital firm Andreessen Horowitz...

Altimeter Group analyst Rebecca Lieb said she was surprised at the size of the round from Andreessen.

“It’s a lot of money, but they demonstrated that they can very effectively leverage online content both in a technological way and in terms of the quality of that content,” said Lieb. “In order to thrive, BuzzFeed has got to take its business model and its content beyond this viral social media model.”

Lieb applauded BuzzFeed's native advertising work, in which the company’s staff creates content for advertisers that mimics the site’s own viral lists and memes.

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