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Rebecca Lieb on “Arm Your Brand for Content Marketing Success,” with thismoment on May 14, 2014

Altimeter Group

Join analyst Rebecca Lieb for:

Description: With the explosion of digital channels, brands are producing more content than ever. As brands have scaled their content marketing efforts, a wave of technology vendors have scrambled to meet their evolving needs. The results? Buyer frustration, piecemeal solutions, and marketing inefficiency. Join Altimeter Group’s Content Marketing Analyst Rebecca Lieb, as she unveils her latest research on the Content Marketing landscape and helps you cut through the confusion to choose the right tools for your team. You will learn:

  • How Content Marketing strategies and requirements continue to change
  • 8 key Content Marketing use cases for your organization
  • What types of tools are available on the market
  • How to map your current and future needs to the right solutions

Don’t miss this opportunity to get clarity regarding one of the most challenging topics confronting marketing teams today and to set your brand or agency team up for success.