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MillerCoors Tries to Tap Into Millennial Male Minds With HuffBros Live, with Rebecca Lieb in Adweek

Altimeter Group

As quoted in Adweek:

Altimeter media analyst Rebecca Lieb pointed out that males ages 18 to 35 have traditionally been the hardest demographic to target.

"It’s gotten harder with streaming," she said. "Many of them aren't going to have cable or satellite, ever. If you're going to get in front of these guys' faces, it's going to be digital. Let’s not talk about print because we all know where that is going."

"You can get grosser and more nauseous on digital. That would make you worried on a network. In terms of investing dollars towards production and creative, it allows you to push it as far as you can push it to meet the demands, pace and edginess of this audience," Lieb argued...

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