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Is there such a thing as Pre-Innovation? with Brian Solis in The Huffington Post

Altimeter Group

As quoted in Huffington Post:

The word innovation is so popular in fact, if you type "innovation" into the Google search bar, you will see there are 131 million search results. Are you ready for this? If you type "innovation blogs", 372 million results are available. With all this information readily available, how do marketers figure out where to start? That's a great question. In my search to help provide answers, I discovered an article called "How to Build a Culture of Innovation by Killing Mediocrity." Here's what author Brian Solis had to say: "In a world where the expression of ideas is a commodity but the consideration and implementation of them is a scarce resource, how do we create a more inviting culture that fosters their transformation from concept to manifestation?"...

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