A New Year, A New Look

Take a look around our site today, you might notice a very subtle change.

We’ve seen a lot of change in our industry, not to mention at Altimeter, since we started five years ago. It felt like the right time to refresh our brand. Late last year, we embarked on a creative refresh — driven by our agency Bluetext — to re-imagine what Altimeter means to us, and our clients, partners, and other friends.

Not surprisingly, there were a few moments of resistance. We loved our logo and we thought it would be hard to let go of. Yet, when the first comps came through — we had a clear winner. What you see here is our new logo and a preview of our brand refresh.

Altimeter Logo

While our website site won’t be revamped for a few months — we are excited to roll out our logo, and a new look and feel in our presentations, research reports, and email newsletter.

Hop over to our SlideShare page and see our last report in our brand new template.


  1. The logo and PPT look great. Nice update!

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for the comment, Eric. Appreciate it!

  3. That’s some great design. Looks sleek and minimal.