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Slides and Data Charts from The State of Social Business 2013

Brian Solis

Last month, we published our report, The State of Social Business 2013, based on data and analysis from four years of Altimeter’s annual digital strategists’ survey.

Today, we’re happy to release the data charts from that report, in a downloadable, easy to share PowerPoint presentation that you can take and inject in your own presentations. Also included are two new data charts, shared in this presentation for the first time (See slides 4 and 21).

To recap, we found that as enterprises gear up and transform into social businesses, there are still significant challenges:

  • Only half (52%) of companies say that their executives are informed, engaged, and aligned with the enterprise social strategy
  • Only 26% of organizations self-describe as being "holistic" in their social media approach, where business functions operate against an enterprise-level vision and strategy
  • Only 17% of organizations self-described as being truly “strategic” in the execution of their social strategies

Along with highlighting major issues (and opportunities) through this survey data, the presentation includes perspectives from social strategists at Adobe, ARAMARK, Ford, Fidelity, Royal Dutch Shell and Wells Fargo.

We hope that you’ll find the slides in this presentation useful as resource and background material, as you continue to make your business case for social business.

[Slides] The State of Social Business 2013: The Maturing of Social Media into Social Business from Altimeter Group Network on SlideShare