Jeremiah Owyang Leaving Altimeter

Jeremiah Owyang will be leaving Altimeter Group at the end of September to start a new company focused primarily on his passion for the Collaborative Economy. You can read his post about his new venture here.

Jeremiah and I go back a long way, to a chance meeting at the very first TechCrunch party in July 2006, and we worked together at Forrester before he joined me at Altimeter four years ago. He will continue to work with Altimeter on specific client projects and will be joining Altimeter’s new board of advisors. I will be taking over his research on Social Media Management Software as part of my broader social business coverage, with the support of our other analysts and research team.

We’ve had a great time building the company together. Jeremiah helped us establish many of the core values at Altimeter Group, in particular Integrity, which we define as openness and transparency that creates trust. That value enables us to support — and be ready for — changes in people’s passions and personal goals. Jeremiah will remain not only a close friend of the company’s; and he and I have a personal friendship that I continue to cherish. I look forward to collaborating with Jeremiah in the future, and cheering him on in his new venture!



  1. elianna james says:

    Altimeter, Jeremiah and all of you are such an inspiration, not only in the meticulous work you do but in keeping to the core values you espouse. ‘Integrity’, ‘transparency’. You are the poster children in that space! Look forward to watching it unfold.

  2. As you know, Charlene, we at Sprinklr are big fans of your work and your vision for Altimeter. Your response here is another example of how you live Open Leadership and provide a great example for how businesses grow in the era of the Groundswell (enough product placement for you?)

    We’re excited to continue working with you and look forward to the next chapter in Altimeter’s success.


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