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What We Heard At #AGMobileUp

Chris Silva

Thanks to all those who helped us make our #AGMobileUP Tweetup a success last night in Boston. We had a great and varied group of attendees hailing from agencies, mobile startups and the VC community as well. We all had great conversations and great food (don't believe me? See Joselin Mane of BostonTWeetUp's amazing writeup) and a few themes stuck out to me:

On Mobile

  • Social/Mobile Is Cool, But It Scares Us A Bit: Gathered around someone's iPhone, as one does at a mobile tweetup, we all got to talking about social discovery apps. We all acknowledge the potential for the usefulness of apps like Banjo, Highlight and others, but the conversation is still lopsided toward the "creepy" factor. Seems not much has changed since we looked at this around SxSW.
  • Mobile App Dev Is Getting Hotter: There were a lot of companies in the room that provided some level of mobile application development support or guidance and business is GOOD. These folks are very busy as their client lists are looking to take another look at how they invest in mobile, backed by a firm business plan and with differentiated approached. We're going to be seeing a lot of action, and a lot of consolidation in this space. Local-area startup Kinvey has mapped out themobile back-end space quite nicely in their popular infographic.
  • iOS Still Rules The Day: My colleague Jeremiah had his Google I/O issue Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone on him, it drew more than a few stares and drew out some questions, "does it have..." and, "can I run..." for the statistically most popular platform, most of the innovators we brought together saw an Android device as a curiosity. Are we too small a sample, all in the same demographic or is this indicative of the hybrid business/personal user? What are your thoughts?

On Boston

  • We need a roundtable: More than a few people acknowledged the need for more roundtables, get-togethers, and networking among the mobile community in Boston. Largely we all know of one another but don't have a great place to meet. I'm proposing a TweetChat for #Bostonmobile once every month or two. I'm interested in thought in the comments on timing, location and format that people would be interested in.
  • There's a lot going on: We may not have the per-capita number of startups of Palo Alto, but there's a rapidly growing tech scene in Boston and its surrounding areas. No surprise with over 50 colleges and universities and some receI can't attribute the quote but someone noted that, "there's a lot of VC and startup activity here, but we do it quietly." I think that's apt, but that doesn't mean that what's happening on the East Coast, particularly in Boston is of less import to the mobile landscape. In fact, with payers like Kinvey and Modo Labs redefining app design, Apperian re-envisioning app life cycles and Mobiquity reinventing the mobile development process this small market among many, many others will definitely leave a mark.

My thanks again to all those whose hard work made this event a reality, and all who came to make it a vibrant discussion. Until next time!