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Make an App for That: Strategies for Winning Mobile Strategies (Webinar)

Chris Silva

Have you read my report, "Make An App For That, Mobile Strategies For Retailers" yet? If so, and you didn't have a chance to tune into today's webinar, I want to share the content with you to use, share and discuss. My slides from the webinar are below, outlining the findings of the research, discussing how retailers must:

  • Determine the path they want their mobile strategy to take: What's the current maturity of mobility inside the org today, what's the desired impact of mobile on the brand and business? The report will help you calculate and tactically respond to your current maturity level, as well as prioritize long-term strategy objectives.
  • Choose a path that makes sense for the product and the business: Depending on whether the company end goal is to focus on building engagement with customers - engage - or to drive transactions - enrich - a decision must be made on which impact path makes the most sense for the business.
  • Designing around a proven application model: Altimeter identified four proven models of mobile interaction in the report, ranging from informational applications to those that completely altered the purchase process for goods and services.

The full content of the webinar slide deck is available for review and download below as part of our open research.

Make An App For That: Webinar [slideshare id=11837686&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

View more PowerPoint from altimeterchris

See below for a replay of the webinar. [vimeo w=398&h=249] Thanks to our readership for providing us case studies to enrich this content. What's your next move in mobile?