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Make an App for That: Mobile Strategies for Retailers

Chris Silva

2011 was the year of the mobile shopper, so why aren't retailers doing more to serve them? Today Altimeter Research has published its latest report, Make An App For That: Mobile Strategies For Retail. The report, published today, reveals how major brands are capitalizing on the massive growth in shoppers' use of mobile technology. It also explores the perils many major retailers have encountered in their quest to tap this market.

Mobility Infographic

Mobile Shoppers Are Here Today, Why Aren't Retailers Serving Them Better?

Are retailers doing enough to serve their mobile customers? Many are not. While nearly 50% of mobile phone owners in the US are carrying app-laden smartphones, 77% of smartphone buyers use them while shopping. With such rapid adoption, it's hard to understand why major brands aren't doing more to cater to these customers.
Many retailers' strategies have either not gotten off the ground or are hitting turbulence in their attempts to serve customer needs. This report lays out a decision process retailers must follow to be successful and showcases how winning teams at Best Buy, Starbucks and other major brands are bringing their organizations to new heights with mobile.

Maturity Graphic

Many Retailers Are Struggling In Their Mobile Efforts

Retailers need a solid grasp of business impact and a proven app model. Altimeter has laid out the key steps retailers need to take in order to target mobile shoppers with tools that solve shoppers' problems and improve the experience. The report identifies the four types of applications that retailers have found successful and the decision process by which retailers should choose their app model. The report also highlights how the most successful brands have found success by choosing the right mobile interaction model for their products and their customers.

Mobile Interaction

Altimeter Has Identified Four Types Of Mobile Interaction

To assist businesses that are already on their path to a mobile offering, or to help guide those that have not yet started, Make An App For That includes a scorecard tool to evaluate the state of maturity. The tool outlines discrete steps for retailers to take who are in the early or formative stages of a mobile strategy as well as steps to take for companies already finding success and seeking to keep momentum.

The full report follows below, published under open research, please feel free to download, read and share. Want to know more? Join us on March 2, 2012 for the accompanying webinar, register today.

Make An App For That: Mobile Strategies For Retail

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