VALUES are WHAT you do when no one is LOOKING!

We believe that values are what you do when no one is looking.  They also form the basis for company direction.  Altimeter is growing up!  We are proud to announce the launch of our value-based employee system that will be used in  hiring, moving tough decisions forward, working with clients and developing reward systems. 

It took us awhile, but we knew that it was important.  In the assessment of Altimeter’s growth in 2010, the partnership group managing Altimeter realized that one of the missing elements for growth was identification and alignment against a common set of values.  While the company had attempted to develop the right culture, the articulation of common values was a barrier. 

To overcome the obstacle, the partners chartered an employee group.  The group deliberated for a couple of weeks and when the curtain rose, the agreed values are:

#GONG:  We celebrate excellence and radiate #GONG in all that we do. 

Holistic: We see all the moving parts that comprise the greater whole.

 Empower: We empower each other and our clients to excel. Together we win.

 Humility: Our service is built on a foundation of listening and learning.

 Amplify: We shine individually, but our value is amplified as a team.

 Integrity:  Placing the Values Statements on the Wall of the HangarWe are honest, transparent, open, and success is measured in trust.

At the recent employee event, the values were placed on the wall and employees shared their perspective on the values that “speak to them”.  The goal is to train on each value monthly and then celebrated company accomplishments against the values.

What do you think?  Any thoughts on the values?


  1. You have listed excellent beacons for leading a company from success to transformational success. The challenge now will be to live it day and day out. Blessings to you as you push forward into 2012.


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