Altimeter’s Google+ Coverage

The Altimeter research team has provided a few viewpoints on Google+, after having experimented with the tool as one of the early testers. Here’s a few of our varied perspectives, from our blogs.

Google+ leverages Google’s strength as a communications platform, by Charlene Li, Analyst
To summarizes a few quotes she writes: “It will be a no-brainer for Gmail to start using Google+, a much harder sell for non-Gmail users. The result will be unified sharing, as opposed to unified messaging, on Google platforms. This won’t happen overnight and it will be far from being a “Facebook killer”. Rather, it’s a smart move by Google to leverage its strengths in communication platforms, algorithms, and trust of core users to move into social.”

First Take: Google+ Gets Features Right –But Offers No Reason to Leave Facebook by Jeremiah Owyang, Analyst
Jeremiah, who feels odd writing in the 3rd person, discusses in this post from a feature and product strategy perspective. He suggests that Google+’s features are now at parity with Facebooks, but there’s isn’t a compelling reason why Facebook users would convert.

Google+: Why it Will Grow Quickly & What it Means for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn by Andrew Jones, Researcher
Researcher Andrew suggests that Google+ is headed on fast growth trajectory, and gives three reasons such as no approvals required, Gmail integration, and leverages your contacts and behavior. He also cites how it impacts competitors like Twitter and Facebook.

First Thoughts: Google+ and Social Circles by Christine Tran, Researcher
Christine provides a feature breakdown for those that aren’t familiar with the tool, and suggest that: “…Google+ can differentiate with a much better user experience. Plus, it already knows all our friends, many of us are already using Gmail, Picasa, and its other products, early adopters are rooting for a Google social win (imho), – and while network efforts are a high barrier to entry, people are still willing to jump ship if you offer a better product. Take Yahoo!, Hotmail, and Myspace.”

We’d love to hear your thoughts, and cross-link to your thoughts on Google+.

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