Video: Quick Tour of The Hangar

By Jeremiah Owyang

Ever wonder what the Altimeter HQ looks like? We affectionally have dubbed it “The Hangar” and have themed it in aeronautical style, with rooms dubbed “Cloud 9″ or “Air Tower” and “Runway”.

Why a physical space? While we certainly believe in online and remote communication tools, this is a central place we can come together, collaborate, and have clients over for meaningful discussions. You’ll find us at our office in the center of Silicon Valley and SF, at 101 and 92 in San Mateo. (Foursquare, GoogleMaps, Flickr set). Do note, that we moved into this larger space about a year ago, previously we were in the adjacent building in a small room, and relocated to this 3500 sq foot office.

We really try to encourage an open culture (you’ll notice the lack of cubes and walls) and have it stocked with great food, drinks (including adult beverages) and even a room to quietly think or take naps in. We’ve hosted a few events here, such as the Pilot series, an Open House, and even Roundtables discussing disruptive technologies (like Gamfication) and look forward to having our clients visit.

Hope you enjoy the quick tour, and hope to see you around at our next events.


  1. Would love it if an office like this was in India – would be able to drop in for events then!