Susan Etlinger Promoted to Industry Analyst at Altimeter Group

by Charlene Li

We are thrilled to announce that Susan Etlinger has been promoted to Industry Analyst. Susan joined Altimeter a year ago to kick off our consulting offerings and has helped several clients formulate their overall social media strategies. Over the past year Susan has established herself as an authority in particular around social media and measurement. She speaks at events like SXSWi and Social Media Week, and is regularly quoted in press such as The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Fast Company.

Susan has a deep grounding in interactive marketing and social technologies. As a Senior Vice President at Horn Group, Susan pioneered the agency’s social strategy offering, advising start-ups to Fortune 500 companies on social media best practices and strategic plan development. She has launched dozens of companies and products, and counseled businesses through crises, liquidity events and large-scale organizational initiatives.

This experience forms the underpinning of Susan’s research focus of understanding consumer attitudes and behaviors, particularly in emerging technologies that span across digital, mobile, and social channels. But it’s Susan’s passion for turning research into pragmatic action for business clients that makes her uniquely suited to be an Altimeter Analyst.

In her new role as an Analyst, Susan will be covering the following topics:

  • The evolution of analytics, for both social and mobile. Susan’s primary focus is around the perennial question of how to measure the impact and value of social media. ButSusan approaches this topic from the perspective of analyzing consumer attitudes and behaviors in order to gain insight that informs action. Her first report will be out shortly on social media analytics, and you can get an early preview at an upcoming webinar on May 17th.
  • Social media in regulated industries. Several of Susan’s clients have been in the financial services and pharmaceutical industries, where she spent many hours crafting strategies around FINRA and FDA regulations. She continues to look at how companies in regulated industries engage with social media – and also evaluates the tools and services that seek to help them meet the regulatory burden.
  • Location-based services and hyper-local services. The rise of geolocation services on mobile phones has allowed local businesses and retailers to engage with consumers in new ways.Susan studies how these new technologies facilitate a new relationship with local buyers.

You can follow Susan on her blog at, on Twitter at, and on LinkedIn at

Congratulations Susan!


  1. Shannon Latta says:

    Wonderful news. Congrats Susan and team.


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