Altimeter Is Hiring Analysts for Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising/Media

We’re excited to announce that we are looking for people to fill analyst roles in three areas: Mobile, Business Intelligence, and Digital Advertising & Media. Why these areas? Altimeter is focused on creating strategies for companies around disruptive technologies – not just social media. We hear from clients over and over again that they need deeper strategies in these three areas, hence our focus. I’ve included more details about each area below.

We take special pride in our boutique, family-style culture, and are seeking the right fit for a high-powered position that will catapult your career forward, along with the company. We believe in empowered individuals working together, a unique amalgamation of both individual ownership and the ability to collaborate well with others. That means we believe in personal and corporate brands working closely together, in harmony. As an example, we not only allow, but also actively encourage activities like individual blogging.

One example of our unique approach to finding that special fit is that we will ask analyst candidates to present a business plan of how they will grow and develop their space. This requires that they have a vision of how they see the coverage area developing and how they plan to rock the market with insightful research and thought leadership.

But creating a robust business plan also requires an entrepreneurial sensibility. We’re looking for someone who is willing to market himself or herself, develop leads, and nurture client relationships. In both the research and the business side, Altimeter provides researchers, sales, and accounting resources, as well as guidance and support from all members of the Altimeter team. But the analysts themselves must drive the energy, focus, and direction of their business.

So if you think you’ve got what it takes to join Altimeter, we hope you’ll consider applying. The first step is simple – send us a cover letter, resume, and a writing sample that demonstrates thought leadership to

Below are details about each of the three coverage areas. Note that these are starting points – it’s up to each person to define the coverage area in the way they believe it will develop. There are overlaps and synergies between these areas — because that’s the reality of how disruptive technologies are linked to each other. It’s a source of our strength that we can provide a holistic perspective in our research and client work. More details about each position are also available in each individual posting.

Mobile (job posting)

From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices are changing how people interact with companies. This position focuses more on how mobile devices are being used and what companies need to do about these new interactions and relationships. It is less about the devices themselves, although a strong knowledge and insight into how the technology will develop is essential. Topics we’ve identified as key include:

  • Consumer adoption of mobile devices, behaviors, and trends, referred to as Mobilegraphics.
  • Location-based data from GPS, check-ins, sensors, and how it applies to mobile applications.
  • B2B applications of mobile technologies such as: RFID, smart tags, and tablet devices.
  • How corporations must adapt internally to support mobile technologies in the workforce, consumer relationships and supply chains.
  • Forecasting and predicting future trends of mobile technologies and adoption.

Business Intelligence (job posting)

The insight garnered from business intelligence is moving away from being the domain of a few experts and into the hands people who can put the analytics to work, thanks to the emergence of more powerful, easier to use BI tools. The result: companies who can harness the power of analytics throughout the organization will have a significant advantage over their competitors. Some areas we’ve identified for development include:

  • Evolution of predictive analytics (optimization, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence), geomapping, and the use of advanced techniques to sense and respond.
  • Data governance models, data reuse strategies, and meta-data design.
  • Evolution of data models to represent enterprise operations and inter-enterprise flows.
  • Emergence of new techniques and disruptive technologies for master data management.
  • How organizations effectively organize to actualize BI opportunities, e.g. BI centers of excellence.
  • Future of BI technologies and how to take advantage of new trends in data storage, virtualization and user interfaces, Software as a Service (SaaS) and parallel processing.

Digital Advertising & Media (job posting)

Digital communications have been greatly impacted by the advent of social and mobile technologies, to the point where brands, marketers, and advertisers realize that their overall digital communication strategies need to be reconstructed. Gone are the days when “design, launch and wait” campaigns were the norm. The multi-faceted consumer and business person requires a multi-faceted but integrated approach. Some of the needs we hear from clients include:

  • How new media channels have impacted media consumption habits, channel preferences, and consumer social and mobilegraphics.
  • How brands, marketers, and advertisers are adapting to an evolving digital consumer landscape.
  • Specific digital media channels that consumers are adopting and emerging channels on the horizon.
  • New monetization models for media companies, including advertising models that integrate not only paid, but earned and owned.
  • Forecasting and predicting future trends im digital media and advertising.


  1. jeremiah says:

    We really look forward to growing our family, got your seat all warmed up! -Jeremiah Owyang, Altimeter Group

  2. Lora Cecere says:

    It is great to see the company grow. Great opportunity for 3 lucky thought leaders!