Altimeter Group Launches Fellows Program

Altimeter Group has recently launched a Fellows Program to designate a select group of thought leaders in business, academia, and the public sector. Through their partnership with Altimeter, the Fellows engage in the pursuit of new knowledge that illuminates the transformative power of disruptive technology in a complex world. They bring expertise from a range of disciplines, contributing to Altimeter’s superior research and advisory services, addressing issues that have clear, practical implications for organizations today. Each year, the Altimeter Group Fellows Program will invite a small number of new nominators on the basis of their expertise, accomplishments, and breadth of experience.

Our first Fellows are:

Marcia Conner, co-author of The New Social Learning and widely recognized expert in the use of social business technologies for transforming corporate culture. Former executive at PeopleSoft and worldwide leader at Microsoft, Marcia has been working closely with Altimeter, establishing their internal collaboration practice. This fellowship supports the organizations interest in research in this pivotal space and Marcia’s dedication to the heavy lifting often required within companies to make lasting change across the value chain.

Deborah Schultz is an Internet industry veteran and open web advocate who merges expertise in design and innovation to bring fresh approaches to incumbent business. She is widely recognized for her impact on the social web and how it changes culture, society and business. Her work architecting a Social Media Lab for P&G focused on customer relationships, reinventing the nature of the company’s customer connection. Her current work focuses on the necessity of open innovation and applies real-world experimentation in an always-on connected world. As a founding partner of Altimeter Group, Deborah’s fellowship provides an ongoing opportunity for organizations to connect emerging technologies with the new human dynamics required for both startups and large organizations to succeed.

We look forward to continuing to work with Deb and Marcia, and building this exciting program in the years ahead.


  1. Congratulations to Altimeter Group and to Marcia. Marcia is a great asset to the group. I’ve known her professionally for years and am sure her contributions will be many.