Review copies of “Open Leadership” available

by Charlene Li

The hardcover version of “Open Leadership” is due to be in stores the end of May but I have 400 galleys of the book available for bloggers and Twitter-ers to review as long as you meet some basic criteria (see below)

The galleys are preliminary, bound manuscripts and as such, contain some typos and errors (which we hopefully all found and corrected). While not perfect, the content is basically the same as the final product so acts as a good basis for a review.

I’ll be happy to send you a galley of the book if you can show any one of the following:

  • Write a blog about business leadership, strategy, marketing, social media with demonstrated audience engagement (e.g. comments)
  • Have a Twitter account with at least 1,000 followers and comment primarily about the above issues.
  • Can make a case why you should get a galley.

Update: Because of the dwindling supply, I have to limit distribution to US-based reviewers. Apologies to the many international requesters!

Submit your request for a galley at and if you have any questions, please email me at charlene (at) altimetergroup (dot) com.


  1. Don’t agree with the Twitter follow req, but I guess it’s your party. Seems an old-school metric, no?

    • Nicholas says:

      Kevin, give Charlene credit where deserved! The criteria are not so crucial as the fact that she is able to pre-qualify – at some minimally satisfactory level – people who will serve as essentially her volunteer marketing squad! Scant few people are going to ask her for a galley, jump through the hoop of validating their credentials, and then write a negative review of her book. Instead, she is almost guaranteeing herself 400 well-placed, diversified, strongly followed positive reviews.


      • I hope people who apply will write an unpartial/objective view not just positive because they’ve got the book for free and first!
        1000 followers just because other metrics would be too complicated to apply quickly… so “fair or not” this is not an issue.
        Said that I am a fan of Groundswell. So I hope OL will be another stepping stone.

  2. Roland Ramadan says:

    Type your comment here. I have been asked to develop a leadership program for a nonprofit agency. I want to find something that alludes to ta new approach of leading in this century. Most of the models being used are still based on Fredrick Taylor. We need something else when dealing with networked organizations and virtual teams. I believe from the title of the book, you may have a model that will help show the way. I would appreciate the opportunity to take a look and review it.

  3. I look forward to seeing your book. I do not think I qualify for the galley. I am a Christian minister and seek to practice a more open leadership style. Thanks!

  4. I asked for a review copy of Open Leadership–met the criteria. Can you give me a status on this? Really looking forwrd to reading the book

  5. Will it be available as an e-book for us international readers? How about Kindle? Looking forward to it. Thanks for creating such great content! Cheers, Heidi

  6. Thanks Charlene,

    Received my review copy today. Looking forward to seeing you at the launch later this month!

  7. Charlene,

    Thanks for the Book. I created this blog post. 1st of many.

    Also take a look at my background on twitter. @consultantrc

    Social Media Relationships Lands me Two Great Books | CIMA IT Solutions

  8. too bad it is not available for kindle …

  9. Very interested in a review copy of OPEN LEADERSHIP. Thank you.

    Ryan Kent
    C/O KONP Radio
    Port Angeles, WA


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