Question of the week: What one thing should leaders to do prep for social media?

by Charlene Li

This week, I’m participating with Nokia’s in their “Question of the Week“. Each week, someone poses a question that hopefully generates some interesting ideas and spurs discussion and thinking. By next Sunday, I’ll pick the best response and the winner will receive a Nokia phone. But my hope is that we’ll all be winners by learning from each other.

So here’s my question:

“As social technologies change the way that leaders interact with customers, employees, & partners, what one thing should they do to prepare for this change?”

That’s right – ONE thing. Not a dozen good ideas, not a list of four starting points. What is the single most important thing a leader can do to deal with the change foisted upon them by social technologies?

To answer, visit to get directly to the Question of the Week. During the week, I’ll add to this post and also tweet out some of my favorite responses as we go along. To keep track, please use the hashtag “#ideasproject”.

And if you get a chance, check out the excellent interviews of leading industry thinkers on Shameless plug: I’m in there, as well as my Altimeter partners Deb Schultz and Jeremiah Owyang.

Disclosure: I am receiving a Nokia Netbook in exchange for my participation, which I will donate to a local non-profit in San Mateo.


  1. Participate in the venue before articulating what they *think* it is and what it will or will not accomplish.