Welcome Michael Gartenberg, New Altimeter Partner!

by Charlene Li

A hearty welcome to Michael Gartenberg, the newest partner to join Altimeter. With the addition of Michael, we now have seven partners along with a staff of five other people. We also recently moved offices in San Mateo to accommodate our new growth (more on that below).

Michael has been a long-time, respected voice in the space of personal and mobile technologies, and he brings to Altimeter a unique viewpoint of how these technologies are changing the consumer experience. Understanding how people use devices to connect  with content and each other is an important linchpin in creating strategies around emerging technologies for our clients.

To that end, we’re looking forward to collaborating with Michael on many fronts. Jeremiah Owyang is focused on location-based and mobile marketing issues while Ray Wang is looking forward to exploring how enterprise apps can better develop and leverage mobile extensions. Michael’s focus on new innovations such as demand sensing via devices is right up Lora Cecere’s alley while Deb Schultz can’t wait to get Michael and his collection of gizmos into our upcoming Altimeter Labs experience.

And as a self-professed geek, I personally am looking forward to tapping into Michael’s passion for consumer electronics and exploring with him how these devices will change how we interact. I believe we’re on the cusp of the next wave of innovation, which will be centered on contextually aware behaviors and data – if only we can properly address sticky issues like privacy.

At Altimeter we love to be faced with “wicked problems” that appear intractable. With Michael on board, we’re one step further on our quest to address on behalf of our clients how new technologies are impacting their businesses.

Michael is also an avid Twitter user and writes frequently on his blog, GartenBlog.net. Michael also writes regular columns at Computerworld, Engadget, and SlashGear.

Lastly, in terms of growth, we recently moved our San Mateo, CA offices into much larger space that will be able to accommodate our growth over the next 2-3 years. It’s still the “Hangar”, our term of endearment for our office, and right now, it feels really big. But we’re looking forward to filling it out very soon!

Michael’s bio is below, and is also available online.

Michael Gartenberg is a partner with Altimeter Group where he leads coverage in the connection points of people, digital media and “What’s Next” technologies across multiple screens, devices and locations.

With more than twenty years of experience, Michael focuses on how vendor and customer relationships are impacted by the new ways they communicate, create, consume and share content  with people on emerging platforms and digital devices. With a strong focus on consumer behavior and usage models, Michael helps clients understand the impact of how technologies change consumer behavior and how they can best make decisions to reach consumers who seek access to contextually relevant information, wherever they are and on whatever device they choose to use.

A frequent contributor to many news and media outlets providing both broadcast commentary and print analysis Michael also writes a monthly column on business technology for Computerworld, as well as weekly columns for two influential technology blogs; Engadget and SlashGear. Connect with him on twitter @gartenberg and read his blog at GartenBlog.net.

As part of his coverage, Michael also looks at the convergence of how personal mobile and social technologies provide new meaning with location-based context and and contextual information being served at the right time, at the right place. In addition, Michael also works with companies to create new mobile frameworks that allow businesses and marketers to choose the correct platforms to target and how to best maximize the results of those investments. He is also exploring how enterprise applications are being reshaped by mobile demands, as well as how mobile context and sensing is impacting supply chain management.

A long time blogger, Michael has been ranked by TechnoBabble among the most influential analyst bloggers. In addition, he is the only analyst ranked in the top 10 of both most influential as well as engaging analysts on Twitter according Edelman’s TweetLevel. Michael serves on the board of advisors for the Consumer Electronics Association where he helps create the agenda for the Consumer Electronics Show.

Michael recently hails from Interpret, LLC as Vice President of Strategy and Analysis, where he created Interpret’s syndicated research offerings. Prior to that he was Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research, where led the Personal Technology and Custom Research Teams. Michael was also a Research Area Director of Gartner Inc., leading the Personal and Distributed Technologies research area.

Contact information:

Email: michael (at) altimetergroup (dot) com


  1. Congratulations Michael, all the very best for the future!

  2. Welcome to the group Michael Gartenberg,I look forward to seing your thoughts in future blog post.

  3. Congrats on all the growth, Charlene! Now I’m understanding why you left the last big gig. If you ever need help on the East Coast or with applying social strategies to the recruitment marketplace (getting to be a hot area for Arbita now), please let your favorite pre-Forrester direct reports know ;-)

  4. As simple as it sounds though few companies seem to follow these steps when launching products, and either go way outside what they’ve done, cannibalize their own products, or don’t solve a problem. There is a problem that we don’t have a decent portable multimedia reading device. Now we thankfully will have the iPad.


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