Social Strategy Webinar Slides Now Available

Jeremiah Owyang and I held a webinar entitled “Developing A Social Strategy” that had over 495 participants asking very insightful questions — we had a great time sharing the information and got new ideas on how to develop our thinking as well. Many people who wanted to attend the webinar weren’t able to because of schedule conflicts. We also received quite a few requests from people for the slides or recording so that they can forward it to colleagues and friends who would benefit from the content. Feel free to forward this information along — we make these resources available as part of an open research process. Please let us know what parts of this information are helpful, and also how we can improve our thinking and recommendations going forward.

To that end, the slides and video recording (of both the slides and audio) are available below. You can also download them from (for slides) and (for the recording). You can follow the conversation that was taking place, using the hashtag #socialstrategy.

Note that this webinar was Part 2 of a three part series. The content from the first webinar, “Understand Your Customers’ Social Behaviors” is available online.

The next webinar, “Social Strategy: Getting Your Company Ready” will be taking place on Wednesday, April 14 from 11 am -12 pm. You can register at this link:

Developing A Social Strategy Webinar

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You can play the recording directly on this page, but be warned that its nearly an hour long. You may want to download it to view later at your convenience. Also note that the audio on this recording is faint, so you will need to turn the volume up significantly.


  1. Hi guys: sorry I missed this last week (I’m registering for the next one). Love the slides and looking forward to the playback. Thanks! Mike Mintz

  2. Zach Philip says:

    this was very helpful for me!thanks for the post. i was also impressed by this book

  3. Couldn’t find the video from the link above…..(or play the video above)

  4. Lorin Cha says:

    Hello, I’ve been trying to access this video presentation (developing a social strategy) but no luck. I tried from Jeremiah’s blog, on this site, and also on the dropio site but the video doesn’t play. Is it still available for viewing? Thanks! – Lorin

  5. The audio file doesn’t seem to be working. I attended the webinar at the time of recording and wanted to re-listen to one piece….

  6. Hi, great slides. The webinar doesn’t seem to play for me, is it a glitch my end or does anybody else faces the same issue?


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