Welcome to new Altimeter Group partners: Alan Webber and Lora Cecere

I’m pleased to announce that Altimeter Group has brought on two additional partners to meet the growing demand of our clients, which now number over 40 retained clients. Alan Webber and Lora Cecere each bring with them unique areas of expertise, but what makes them great partners for Altimeter is their ability to help clients understand and address opportunities and problems created by emerging technologies.

Trends such as open government and supply chain/demand orchestration disrupt traditional business and organizational models, creating both problems as well as opportunities. We passionately believe that new technologies like social CRM or real-time demand generation need to be examined in a networked, holistic way, one that defies traditional “coverage areas”. Innovation and new ideas happen at the edge, so when we cross-pollinate our ideas across subject areas, we add value for our clients.

As an example, Lora and I recently discussed how social technologies would impact manufacturers and retailers, especially their ability to sense how demand is changing. This isn’t something that I normally think about, but as I prepare for an upcoming client engagement with a CPG company, I plan to add Lora’s perspective  to the discussions I will have with that client.

It may be tempting to categorize us as a remodeled analyst firm, as we are mostly former technology industry analysts. But whereas analysts analyze, we are driven by a different passion–we want to change things, especially for our clients. We look forward to addressing the tough, “wicked” client situations that require digging deep and working collaboratively to arrive at elusive solutions.

As we grow, we also humbly recognize that no matter how much we expand, we can’t do it all ourselves. New technologies are changing too quickly for any one person or firm to have perfect knowledge of an emerging space, so we are committed reaching out and supporting the greater community. For example, we recently hosted a Social Media Club meeting in our San Mateo office, as we believe strongly in operating from within the ecosystem.

You’ll find below bios for Alan and Lora. Please join me in welcoming Alan and Lora!

Headshot Alan WebberAlan Webber, Government Innovation

With a strong focus on making organizations more efficient and more effective, Alan helps government agencies manage the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies and improve interactions between government and citizens and businesses. Returning to his roots, Alan will also be helping organizations understand the impact and role of clean technologies and sustainability in business.

Alan has more than 16 years of business and government management and technology experience working with commercial and government clients around the globe. Prior to striking out on his own and joining Altimeter Group, Alan was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research where he covered government and the B2B user experience.  Prior, he led various strategic planning, performance management, eGovernment, and Web initiative efforts for the US government at the Department of the Interior and the National Science Foundation.

When it comes to cross collaboration, Alan will mesh well with the other Altimeter team members. Together with Jeremiah Owyang, Alan will be helping government agencies and leaders use social media to better engage with citizens and businesses. Alan and Ray Wang advising clients on the implementation of ERP and CRM systems in the public sector.

Connect with Alan on twitter at @AlanWebber, or read his blog.

Headshot Lora CecereLora Cecere, Supply Chain Management

With deep experience in using enterprise applications to drive supply chain excellence, Lora provides early adopters with a first mover advantage. For software vendors, Lora provides strategic guidance in go to market strategies; reviews and designs software licensing, pricing, support, and maintenance policies; delivers competitive assessments; evaluates software partner ecosystems; and actively researches the evolution of business processes like supply chain compliance, deduction management, order-to-cash effectiveness, supply chain metrics, and emerging supply chain processes.

Her analyst experiences include Vice President roles at Gartner Group and most recently at AMR Research.  Before serving as an industry analyst, Lora was a line-of-business user/buyer and a builder of enterprise solutions.  She’s launching a new blog, Supply Chain Shaman , and is on
Twitter at @lcecere.

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  1. Congratulations on your new hires… I was on a webinar today and forrester said at least 5X “our book groundswell” thought it was kind of funny they never mentioned your name once Charlene!


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  2. [...] and Alan Webber (full bio), Government Innovation. Founding partner, coauthor of Groundswell, Charlene Li discusses the hires and the changes in the market. At the Altimeter Group, we’re not forced into limited topic areas, but instead look at [...]