From the Cockpit: Altimeter Updates

From time to time, we want to keep our community updated with what’s happening at the Altimeter Group, we’re continuing to grow, having fun, and will have more announcements in the upcoming future.  Here’s a partial snapshot of the partners progress to date:
  • Ray has taken on new clients focused on the Social CRM space, and continues to be a global traveler, keynoting the SAP user group conference in UK and France.  He was recently accepted as the latest member of the Enterprise Irregulars, a collection of the top minds in the Enterprise Software Market.
  • Deborah has traveled to Sydney speaking at Web Directions, and keynoted in Tokyo, at Web Directions East on the topic of “Designing Social Experiences: Conducting Business in A Social Media Age”.  You can check out her slides on slideshare.  She’ll be on a panel in the upcoming Supernova conference in SF on the topic of Frontiers of Real Time Collaboration.  Deborah was able to pursue her passion of horse back riding on the serene beaches in New Zealand, and she encourages you to check out the burgeoning tech scene in Wellington, NZ.
  • Jeremiah has been busy, has taken on a few new clients in the hospitality industry, tech industry, and social vendor space.  He’s really excited about his monthly column for Forbes CMO network, and was recently voted writing the top analyst blog (two years in row).   The company created an iPhone app (that allows the Web Strategy blog now to be taken mobile, so learnings can now be on the go. He’s also excited that he taught his small white dog @goodboyrumba how to play dead, with the command “Bang Bang!
  • Charlene Li, founder of the Altimeter Group is heads down focusing on her upcoming book Open Leadership, is conducting research, and on Chapter 4.  She’s traveling to UK as a speaker, which you can track her tweets on Twitter.


  1. Keep up the great work.. Thanks for the update! Best, Brian-

  2. Thanks Brian!