Altimeter’s Crew: Sales, Research, And Support

At Altimeter, we take great pride in the people we work with. So I’d like to take a moment and introduce members of the team outside of the four partners. Some of them are new and others have been with me from the start, but each of them is essential to our growth. And boy, are we growing! We’ve added over 25 new client relationships since August 2009, with more on the way.

David Stanley - Twitter David Stanley will be joining us as Vice President of Business Development and Sales, where he will be responsible for expanding Altimeter Group’s market share through direct sales engagements globally, as well as overall business development. Previously, David was Vice President of Sales at ARInsights, makers of the industry leading SaaS-based “Program Management Software” for industry analyst relations.

ABOUTUSlindaziffrin He’ll be joining Linda Ziffrin of Valley View Ventures (V3), who has been managing many of our key client relationships, since I started Altimeter in 2008. In addition to Altimeter, V3 works with many leading independent IT analysts so we’re able to tap into V3’s relationships at top technology firms.

Christine Tran - Twitter Christine Tran has joined us as a part-time Researcher, helping us deliver all of the client work being generated by our amazing sales team. She’ll be working closely with Jeremiah Owyang in our Customer Strategy practice, and also coordinating future workshops and events.

Finally, Denise Aday is the person who keeps us all working smoothly. Along with her team at Aday VA Solutions, Denise started as my virtual assistant and has moved into an essential role as our virtual office manager. In her own gentle yet firm way, she makes sure that nothing gets lost in the busy shuffle.

Below is the contact information for each person and their full bios are also available on our site. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming them!

David Stanley
Email: david (at) altimetergroup (dot) com
Phone: 719.357.7826
Twitter: @kiwigate
LinkedIn profile

Linda Ziffrin
Email: linda (at) valleyviewventures (dot) com
Phone: 978.369.5622
Twitter: @LindaAtV3
LinkedIn profile

Christine Tran
Email: christine (at) altimetergroup (dot) com
Twitter: @christineptran
LinkedIn profile

Denise Aday
Email: denise (at) altimetergroup (dot) com
Twitter: @adayva
LinkedIn profile

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  1. David, Linda, Christine, Denise thank you for your continued support and being great members of the team.

  2. Congratulations – You’ve assembled a phenomenal team here! Looking forward to reading Open.


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