Wanted: Your opinion on book titles (Part 2)

Previously, I asked for help in naming the book, and we’re done to the wire in terms of finalists. I’m hoping you can take two minutes to complete a very short survey on our title possibilities.

I realize that asking an audience of people who are pre-disposed to being open is probably not the most scientific way to do this! So taking a page from  Tim Ferris, I’m also running the title possibilities against specific search keywords to see which ones get the most clickthroughs.

I’ll post the results from both the survey and the search engine test shortly.

Book Title Survey


  1. Redline – Naming it Redline would illistrate the ability of the book to take people to a point of pushing it to the limit. If the book is on marketing, it could be named Redline Marketing if it is on blogging, it could be called Redline Blogging.

  2. The “very short survey” link opens the same survey. Did you want a repeat?

  3. The Alchemist is the best book you can recommend.

  4. Grasping Light

  5. Hi – I just took your survey. I like the concept of the book and the word “Open,” but I think your title/subtitle combinations don’t fully capture the essence of openness as it relates to using social networking in business/leadership. Only one does, so that’s the one I picked.

    But I commend you on asking people – titles are so hard. I did the same with a book I wrote and I didn’t have control over much of the title. The publisher word-smithed it for the search engines and for Amazon.com. So keywords are important, but be careful too!

    Good luck!


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