Thank you for attending our “Open Hangar”

In the spirit of an open house, we opened our HQ office, dubbed the “Hangar” to the community. To us, the Altimeter Group is designed to be a connect part of the larger eco-system, from those that are implementing emerging technology, to those that are creating it. We’re very thankful to those who attended, met with us and others, and contributed their photo to the community wall (see above picture).

Susan Etlinger comments that she sees the Hangar as a place for big thinking, with an accompanying video of Charlene explaining the origination of the Altimeter name. To get a sense of the event, Ken Yeung, took photographs of the event –which are all on Flickr.

We couldn’t invite everyone in the ecosystem we wanted to due to limited space, but are already planning other unconferences, workshops, and events at the Hangar for others to attend.

Image credit: (cc) Kenneth Yeung –


  1. I have a kindle, and I’m in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is at least closer than San Diego!