1. Greg Arnold says:

    I like the blog. It’s always a challenge because blogs are inherently boring looking. Plus, you have a reputation that should be reflected in a wowee type of way. You’re a visionary so your blog should convey future/leading edge/tech.
    I actually prefer the second logo. for me the “Alti” is a little lost and the “meter” part jumps out. The “A” actually disappears for me. I also like the graphic because it more closely resembles an altimeter instrument and it is pointing up (good).
    A suggestion: put the logos of the “my sites” links on the upper left. Maybe even avatars or logos next to some of your blog posts. make it look a little “Twitter like”. You’re a visionary…make it exciting!

  2. Hi Charlene,
    First off I would like to say thank you for Groundswell. I am in the middle of reading it and it has been quite helpful.
    I like the new site design, but do have the following recommendations. First, your twitter stream is a live index to your blog postings; as such I think it should be higher up on the page design. I think it would have more impact if you put it in a three-column wide box just below the logo and quote section.
    Second, I don’t see your “My Sites” listing anymore. I liked that feature on your current blog. Additionally, if you do put that feature on your new site I would recommend adding the rel=”me” tag to power your social graph profile (e.g., Google social graph api
    Finally, have you thought about adding Disqus or Backtype as a commenting system?

  3. David Cooperstein says:

    Hi Charlene
    I like the look of the new site as well. The recommendations I have are similar to above. I think you should try a few of the following:
    1) move your description under your photo so that it is persistent but does not block your recent content
    2) make the twitter stream more visible
    3) I would flip the two boxes on the right side – show people where you are, and put the “give-aways” lower.
    4) Make the menus more visible. I am a big believer that menus that come above the logo disappear, and it took me a while to see the depth of the site these menus bring. If you can bring them closer to the content they will integrate more with the homepage
    5) Add a video of yourself speaking. Ideally, add some videos and Slide Share presentations to bring forward youyr perspectives (just overview stuff, obviously).
    Just a few thoughts…looks great! I agree with the Greg, the second logo is the better one.

  4. Hi Charlene,
    I love the new site! It creates a feeling of relationship and trust, which so in keeping with your philosophy. My favorite part is your values listed on the About page.
    I agree that you could move some boxes from the right to the left to bring up the Twitter feed. But I think the top menus are fine. If anything they are a kayak problem – you may not see them at first, but they are easily found and used so the problem goes away. Plus I love the quotes and think it’s better to highlight them.
    Only other critique I would have is that the blog posts seem a little tight – would be nice to give them more room/bigger pictures, at least on the individual post pages.
    I like the first logo better. The “A” doesn’t disappear for me, and I have no idea what a real altimeter looks like but the first logo looks like some kind of instrument and the second one doesn’t at all. I think the crowdsourcing was a great idea. I found that doing the logo for Weightcircles was extremely hard – it was very difficult to get designers to create something that met my (very high) expectations. I would definitely try crowdsourcing if I had to design a logo again!

  5. Interesting article, Charlene. Thank you.

  6. charlene, i completely agree with david on the recommendation to add a video window. start with archives of speaking engagements and presentations, and in a short while might emerge — an open window into the insights and best practices you convey in everything you do…or something like that! site is clean, crisp, and engaging — i’m a total fan of the color blue — but i’d like to see more of your personality…it leans a degree or two too far to the professional from a look and feel perspective. maybe have a mini-prius scoot along the nav bar, or a picture of ben pop up unexpectedly when you scroll over personal info… :)

  7. I love your new site Charlene. It’s my new standard for clean, clear and warm.

    I used crowdSPRING for my logo and business cards which I used as elements in my web design. I liked their process and services a lot. Some of my graphic designer friends challenged me on using this service but backed off a bit when I asked them when was the last time they bought something off of E-Bay or Craigslist.

    The nice feng shui look and feel of your site (uncluttered) with easy access to navigatgion make it a winner in my books. I will strive for similar looks when I do my next redesign.

    Brent MacKinnon

  8. Charlene I think it is a great design strong image related with name
    Regards, from Spain and ideas4all


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