Why Social Media Marketing Fails – Notes From Web 2.0 Expo panel

I had the honor and pleasure of being on a panel with my two former Forrester colleagues, Peter Kim (now at Dachis Corporation) and Jeremiah Owyang (still at Forrester). Our topic: “Why Social Media Marketing Fails — and What To Do About It“.

Peter organized the panel to discuss four topics:

  • How can I get my culture to adapt?
  • How can I make my campaigns work?
  • What am I supposed to measure?
  • Does social media even matter?

I’ve included an audio podcast of the panel.


Update: Slides are avaiable on SlideShare.net

There are also some excellent summary posts – let me know if there are others
and I’ll add the links.

Jessica Valenzuela, Maven Digital Mashup

Susan Etlinger, Horn Group, Brass Tacks blog

Mia Dand, Marketing Mystic

Michael Cayley, Social Capital Value Add

Jennifer Leggio, ZDNet

Holger Nauheimer, Change Management Blog

If you’d like to see the Twitter discussion, it’s tagged #smfail and available via Twitter Search.

And finally, some photos at Flickr by John J Welsh.


  1. Thank Charline!
    This is an important topic. Jenny Ambozek @sagenet & I are planning to organize a conference call with those interested in sorting out a way forward on measurement.
    I hope that you have time to join, and extend an invitation to Altimeterites (has anyone tried that one before?).

  2. ahh … sorry that is C-h-a-r-l-e-n-e :)

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  4. Great site and very interesting.
    thanks for your contribution

  5. caterina.sacca@international.gc.ca says:

    Hi Charlene,
    I attended the conference and am looking for the slides. Cannot find them. Can you forward them to me, please.

  6. Caterina: Peter Kim just posted the slides up at http://www.slideshare.net/peterkim/why-social-media-fails-questions-slide.

  7. Link to the mp3-version of the podcast is broken.

  8. I just updated the link to the audio file – it’s at http://www.altimetergroup.com/wp-content/audio/Web2E.mp3. Link broke when I transfered the site to WordPress. Many apologies!


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