International Editions of Groundswell Book

Every few weeks I get a package from the Harvard Business Press, the publishers of “Groundswell”. Inside are usually two Groundswell books, translated and printed in another language. I thought I’d share some of the cover images with you, where they are available, and updates on when other editions will be published. I’ll update this page as more information becomes available

Why are the covers and even the titles different? The publisher in each country decides what works best for each market. For example, in Germany, the title is “Facebook YouTube, Xing & Co: Winning With Social Technologies”.

Personally, I’m most excited to see a Mandarin, Cantonese, and French versions of Groundswell. That’s because my extended families (my husband is French Canadian) would prefer to read the book in their native language. And interestingly, there is no direct translation of the word “Groundswell” so my parents are keenly curious about what the title will be.

Cover art Language Link / When available
groundswell-italian Italian ETAS
groundswell-japanese Japanese Amazon Japan
groundswell-korean Korean Kyobo Book
groundswell-danish Danish
groundswell-german German
groundswell-spanish Spanish Barnes & Noble (pre-order) Amazon (pre-order)
Croatian Publisher: Mate
April/May 2009
Polish Publisher: MT Biznes
March 2009
Russian Publisher: Vyscshee Obrazovanie
May 2009
Portuguese Publisher: Elsevier Editora
Spring 2009
Finnish Publisher: Tietosanoma
Spring 2009
Simplified Chinese Publisher: Hua Zhang/China Machine Press
April 2009
Complex Chinese
Vietnamese Publisher: Alpha Books
Slovak Eastone Publishing


  1. Dear Charline!
    Your’s book is very interesting and helpful. I sent You link to polish cover of a Groundsweell (with strange main title of a book Marketing of social technology :)