Groundswell named #8 on Amazon’s Best Business Books list

AmazonbestofI was excited to see that Groundswell was selected named to Amazon’s Top Ten Best Business Books of 2008. It joins some excellent company, from Warren Buffet to John Kotter.

Between the book tour, striking out on my own, and well, life, I haven’t kept up on my own reading much this past year. So in looking at the list, I immediately added a few titles to my Amazon/Audible carts, namely The Back Of The Napkin and The Illusions of Entrepreneurship. And it was nice to see Guy Kawasaki’s new book Reality Check which I hope to get (and read ASAP) from Guy in the next few days.

But some of my favorites reads from this year didn’t make it on to the list. They include Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody and Slide:ology. Anybody who has to live with Powerpoint should read the latter title — especially Chapter 3 on how to create diagrams.

Side note: I usually listen to books on Audible, but last year, started buying business books in print because I like to have them as a reference. The reality is, I tend to listen to them first on Audible, then end up buying the print edition as well. I am an author and book publisher’s dream customer! It was also one of the key reasons why my co-author and I worked closely with our publisher to quickly push out audiobook and Kindle editions of Groundswell.

I’d be interested in hearing what you’re favorite business books were in 2008, and also if you have crazy book reading habits as well!


  1. Per your book list, Back of the Napkin is right at the top of last year’s best for me. Dan Roam does an amazing job showing us how to solve business problems with pictures, yep, simple drawings. By the way, Charlene, he’ll be speaking to the SFAMA after your visit to us in January.

  2. I read Groundswell fairly quickly, I think in a day and a half . Since then I have referred to it often. I think its a very good book and also marketed well. Congratulations.
    I am based in India and recently experimented with the Audible format. Don’t you think reading a book allows for contemplation and development of thought while listening to it is more akin to absorbing what the author is saying. Would like your views on the same..
    Some of the business books , that i have read in 2008 , that quickly come to mind in addition to your book are
    1. The Truth About You – Marcus Buckingham
    2. Future of Management – Gary Hamel
    3. Five Minds for the Future – Howard Gardner
    4. A sense of urgency – John Kotter
    5. The Necessary Revolution – Peter Senge
    6. We are Like that only – Rama Bijapurkar
    7. Stuffed and Starved – Raj Patel
    8. Human Sigma – John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund
    9-10 The Greatness Guide i and ii – Robin Sharma
    11-12 Lovemarks , Lovemarks Effect – Kevin Roberts
    13. A Whack on The Side Of The Head – Roger von Oech
    The topics are diverse and cover most of my interests.

  3. There were lots of great books this year. Some that won’t make my top 5, but are still worthy, include:
    The Innovator’s Guide to Growth – Anthony et al
    Greater Good – Quelch and Jocz
    Marketing Metaphoria – Zaltman
    The Breakthrough Company – McFarland
    Big Think Strategy – Schmitt
    (I’ll post on my top 5 next month… Groundswell may be on it!)
    I did read “The Back of the Napkin,” and, while it dealt with an important subject–the importance of visual thinking–it didn’t make my list.
    regards, John

  4. congratulations Charlene! :)

  5. Jeff Gentry says:

    Congratulations! I saw the book at an airport in Atlanta and thought about you and Josh. I’m glad to see the book is doing so well and the the subject matter is drawing such interest.