Social Media Marketing Forum keynote slides now available

This morning I gave the kickoff keynote at the Social Media Marketing Summit, speaking on the subject, "Social Media For Business".

The audience was squarely focused on marketing, so I grounded the speech on the need to develop relationships with your audience. All too often, marketing is campaign focused and driven, leaving customers with a dry (sometimes bad) taste in their mouths. Marketing in general, not just social media marketing, needs to be focused on growing a long term relationship centered on trust.

The slides have some new research that I’ll be writing about over the next few days, but especially for the attendees, I wanted to make the link to them ASAP.

Link to slides:


  1. Hi Charlene,
    Thanks for this presentation. Social networks can really help businesses in their marketing objectives. We prove that everyday at Netlog, Europe’s largest social network. We help the businesses with their social strategy on our integrated brand platform (for which have been nominated for the Innovation Awards). We give feedback to the brands about the use of their profile on Netlog. Brands can communicate in different ways on our platform, and the possibilities are still growing. We are really excited about the results!
    Best regards,
    Davy Tollenaere
    Product Manager @

  2. Thanks for posting these slides – It be great to have the voice over but even still very helpful. The question I have… re: Walmart’s failed efforts – is this more on execution or more about Walmart not being “cool.” Do people buy at Walmart b/c they have to… Do kids think of Walmart as being cool? Target has done a good job but even there – not sure that the target audience would deem it cool.

  3. Thanks for the slides. It’s great that social media is evolving and you’re sharing new knowledge. Because social media also uses social media new discoveries and shared faster and discussed more intensely. That I think is helping social evolve faster.
    Anxiously waiting for the research you mention,

  4. I found your presentation at the conference quite informative. I appreciate the slides as well. You are helping both social media marketing agencies and their customers better understand the role of social media to build and strengthen relationships. I also enjoyed our conversation about our undergrad athletic experiences.
    Thank you,
    Sean Warren
    VP, Sales and Marketing
    Elixir Interactive

  5. Nice post.
    Thanks for posting these slides.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing your slides, I’ve “seen” several of your presentations now this way and really appreciate that you make the information available.

  7. Nice informative slides on Social Media.
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  10. Very informative presentation through slides. I like the way you present things clearly and concisely. It seems that social media is a great help when making businesses online. It is evolving fast now. And there is not stopping this because the people really use this in marketing.