Meetup/Speech in Tempe, AZ Sept. 17-18th

I’m going to be in Tempe, Arizona for a speech that’s part of Sitewire’s Expert Series on Thursday, Sept. 18th. Tickets are still available for that event at

The evening before, I’m having an informal meetup at the Border Store in Tempe from 5-6pm, at 699 South Mill Avenue, Tempe, AZ. We’ll be in the cafe area and there will be a few Groundswell books available for sale. Or pick one up from your local bookstore or Amazon/ and bring it.

And if you’re interested in having me do an informal meetup in your town, check out my calendar to get updates on when I’ll be where. Send me an email and we’ll try to make it happen!


  1. Charlene,
    It was great meeting up with you at Borders last night! The Power-Hour-Think-Tank with our small group produced some cutting edge ideas for the future of the industry. Very engaging discussion!
    Reach out when you’re in town next… It’s my turn to buy lunch:)
    Safe travels!