Best video that describes the state of social media marketing

I showed this video at my speech in Tempe last week and I got several requests for the link. This is one of my favorite videos that shows the disconnect that advertisers have with their customers. It really captures how advertisers see the world — and how consumers are asking for a "divorce".

One of the things I encourage marketers to think about is what kind of relationship they want to have with their customers — and to consider what they have today. Is it transactional, inpersonal, temporary, short-term? Rather, shouldn’t it be a relationship that’s intimate, passionate, loyal, and long-term?

I believe that marketing and in particular, advertising, is fundamentally broken and that consumers want a different kind of relationship with companies. Involve and embrace your customers, and they will give you their loyalty, dollars, and tell all of their friends about you. Hmmm, sounds a lot like real life relationships, which is what marketers should aspire to.


  1. I really liked ‘the breakup’ but I felt they fell flat on “get inspired” ( – perhaps because it’s no longer a conversation between the two people, it’s two separate scenes going on.
    Perhaps that’s the point, but I just didn’t find it as witty as ‘the break-up’

  2. Thanks for reminding me of this video–it’s a great illustration of the changing dynamics of advertising and marketing in the digital age.
    Advertising and mass marketing are still very strong (and needed) means of getting a message out. I think the reason this video is so compelling is it demonstrates the ignorance of many companies that still advertise as if they were having a conversation–when we all know they are not.
    I think mass marketing is well accepted and useful (sometimes powerful) when it consciously acts like what it is and “speaks” accordingly. I think brands need more self-awareness these days about their broadcast marketing versus conversational marketing. In my opinion it’s ok to push out a message on television. But the more they act like such venues are conversations, the more embarrassing it comes off. I think the recent Michelin tire ad ( where they say “few relationships in life are more important that that between you and your Michelin tires” is a prime example of the embarrassing way brands can make this mistake.
    But if brands are more deliberate–adjusting their voice in broadcast, and being more real and engaged online, I think they can establish strong marketing strategies that will complement both.
    Thanks for your work and analysis in this area.
    Oh, and Groundswell is great, I recommend it to all my agency clients!

  3. Still Don’t Get the Difference Between Social Media and Traditional Marketing?

    When I talk with people about using social media for marketing, I have compared traditional marketing to the loud and obnoxious guy at a party who just wants to talk about himself and all the great things he has accomplished…

  4. Charlene –
    Thanks for sharing this – it amazes me, despite how far we’ve come in the “revolution” of marketing, that it feels like so many marketers and agencies clinch on to a more transactional-based mentality – especially in defining marketing success.
    Why? Because clicks, submissions, impressions, and reach are much more instant tangible measures than quality of conversation, long-term loyalty, and level of relationship intimacy. It’s unfortunate that what many perceive as “touchy-feely” or “fluff” is the exact stuff that matters the most to consumers. Just because it’s easily quantifiable doesn’t mean it works.

  5. This great video reflects the alienation but only touches upon the privacy intrusion and how they “own” our privacy and experience.
    We are at a tipping point where, at least as digital relationships go, it’s time to create a new pact of interactions with our digital providers because as the web increasingly becomes our habitat, we should strive for a more transparent, respectful and adapted relations.
    Icentered is about changing it. It’s a vision of me in my rightful place when I Web – at the center, in the driver’s seat – with the wheel in my hands, actively owning my interests and affinities, and proactively managing my own privacy/trust relationships
    Just for the taste of it: …In my habitat I and only I, hold the keys to everything. Imagine giving your house keys, burglar alarm code and the safe’s combination to several service providers – Keys to your rooms (sites, social spheres…), to your closets and private drawers (data, intimate data), and even to your safe (really private stuff).
    Now would you do that?
    Why not? – They all promise highly personalized services. They all say that they are trust worthy. They all declare they will keep you safe and will capitalize on their intruding into your house only for your benefit, and maybe for being able to provide you with their services for free, and suddenly they “own” your privacy and “own” your personalized experience.
    More in Being Icentered at – a collaborative writing platform that takes a true groundswell approach about collaboratively defining the blueprint for a new pact of digital relations.

  6. Charlene,
    this video is brilliant and hilarious! It captures the essence of why traditional marketing vehicles — especially advertising — are losing steam and why social media will change things.
    thanks for sharing it!

  7. @andrea: agreed that the follow-up video was not nearly as good and missed the mark.
    This video has been out for a while and I never posted it because several people told me that it “old” news. Well, these comments and the numerous pings I’ve gotten reconfirms for me that I shouldn’t assume that in this crowded space that great stuff like this has been seen. Good ideas bear repeating, and this is one of those gems.

  8. That’s a great video. When I try to explain to people what social marketing is how to use it, I get blank looks sometimes. Perfect to show to clients to give them a clue.

  9. Hi Charlene, I’m honored that you used our video. You mentioned that people asked you the link to this video. Here you can download it if you want:|_EUROPE.wmv . Kind regards

  10. Brown930 says:

    Wow, this is totally spot on. It’s not going to help if customers feel like you’re forcing them around. Give them something they want. Give them videos like this, and put it up on multiple sites (YouTube, Vimeo, Veoh, AdWido, etc.) to maximize your exposure. You can’t just expect them to take something they don’t want.