What I’m doing next

First, a big thank you to everyone who sent well-wishes when I announced
that I was leaving Forrester
. Your heartfelt comments, tweets, emails, and
calls were very much appreciated. Many people asked what I’m doing next, so
here’s a quick overview, on the first day of my new "work" life.

I’m going to be working as an independent thought leader, looking at how
emerging technologies impact business, organizations, and individuals
and sharing my thoughts here on this blog as well as on Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook, et. al. I’ll also be conducting interviews with companies about what’s happening in this space. On the business side, I’m offering a few commercial services, ranging from speeches to consulting for a limited set of clients.

As I mentioned in my departure post, a key reason I decided to leave Forrester was to seek greater control and balance in my life. To that end, I’m limiting how much I travel and the number of commercial engagements that I take on. This will leave me plenty of time to devote to blogging, tweeting, and most importantly, thinking about my passion, how emerging technologies are impacting our lives and businesses.

But to wit, I can’t do it alone. I’m counting on you to provide me with feedback, criticism, leads, tips, and ideas to move my thinking forward. So please stay in touch, subscribe to my blog feed, and let me know what I should be thinking about.


  1. Congrats on the official announcement, and the continued quest for life/work balance. It sounds like your new plan should have the right mix.
    And, I look forward to the future posts.

  2. Sounds great! Congrats and good luck!

  3. Congratulations Charlene and best of luck moving forward, looking forward to following along on future posts.

  4. Charlene, looking forward to incredible things!

  5. Like usual, sounds like you’ll be busy Charlene. Good luck with the new venture. I am sure we will be in touch.

  6. Congratulations! I did the same thing some years ago and it’s been a great experience. I think you’ll really enjoy having more control over your direction and level of investment.

  7. Will you still be doing the Talk Shoe show with Tara Hunt and Sarah Lacy?
    The previous programs have been enlightening and engaging.

  8. @David Yup, I’m definitely planning to continue with the Tech Song Trilogy podcasts with Tara and Sarah. I’ve been absent because of my vacation. Back next week!

  9. Looking forward to staying in touch. Best of luck! Cheers

  10. Sounds like the right move at the right time for the right reason. Congrats, for the best is yet to come!

  11. A change of scenery is always good.

  12. Welcome back Charlene. You bring a wonderful ability to boil down the data and offer up larger than life insights. You were missed for those hours you were away. Peace!

  13. You should write a book! Wait . . . no, you already did that.
    Seriously, sounds like a great gig.

  14. Congratulations on finding balance. Enjoy!

  15. Hi Charlene,
    we met at the web 2.0 Expo SF and exchanged some mails recently on our e2.0 conference. I’d really like to thank you for the awesome work you did in Forrester and to wish you the best for any new coming gig.
    Cheers from Italy,

  16. Go get ‘em. We’ll be waiting to see what you do next.

  17. congrats on starting your own gig. i did it six years ago for work/life balance. i have four kids. my oldest is now heading to college (yikes!) and i love having control over my time. the best part will be if you bring on employees and can give them the same level of empathy & respect they need to achieve the same balance. you go girl!